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Grab Attention- Use the Primacy Effect to your advantage!

You’ve got the goods!

Ya did it! Ya created a great (Note: I did not say amazing) presentation. You did your research. You started the process on paper (and not directly in PowerPoint). You built it into a great story. Added some relevant images that enhance the preso. You have been practicing your delivery. Continue reading “Grab Attention- Use the Primacy Effect to your advantage!” »

Create a Story for a Presentation

In this post we talked about How to tell stories in presentations.

Let’s take a look at how to create a story, to tell, in your presentation.

Stories invoke emotions. They make connections. They help you to remember stuff better. Ok, enough preaching, you probably hear that all the time!

Continue reading “Create a Story for a Presentation” »

Smiling’s my favorite!

The Power of Smiles!

Look someone in the eye that is pissed off at the world and give them a HUGE smile. Continue smiling as you watch their facial expressions change. The hard, worried, I am going to kill the next person that crosses me look is slowly fading away. The face softens a bit and you now see a neutral expression for a second. Just for a second though… Continue reading “Smiling’s my favorite!” »