Selling your idea or product, is your job.   Creating a presentation that is “holycowpunchinfacecantfricking​believeit” amazing, is mine. 

Whittier, CA. September 10, 1995. 

I was working the dinner shift at Red Lobster as an assistant manager when I got a call from my district manager at about 9 PM. There was a multi-district meeting the next day to roll out the Banquet/catering menu for the winter season. Having seen some of the flyers and memos I had cranked out for the restaurant, the DM thought I would be a good candidate to take on creating a presentation for the meeting that would showcase his plan for the seasonal catering menu.
I left work at 11:30 PM and headed to Kinko’s on Whittier Boulevard. I had thus far, only heard of Powerpoint. Never used it. Ever! I worked on that presentation all night and eventually got done at seven in the morning. I was proud of my work. I had discovered every bell and whistle that Powerpoint allowed at that time. I had things flying in and out, enough spiral fades to make you dizzy, swooshing and ringing sounds like you’ve never heard before, heck, I even had an animated Santa walking on the screen!

I loved it!

From that day forward, I have been passionately in love with presentations. Of course, over time I learned the difference between too much and just right, I have honed my skills to deliver great designs and continue to learn every day. I have designed presentations for companies I have worked for throughout my career since then. Red Lobster, Starbucks, Fedex Kinko’s, and Applebee’s to name a few big ones. I began freelancing about a year ago and am having a blast!

My Purpose

There is a story set in medieval times that tells of a traveller who comes upon three stonemasons. He asks each in turn: ‘What are you doing?’ The first answers, without hesitation, ‘I am cutting this stone.’ The second, who appears to be doing the identical job makes a gesture with his hand and says; ‘I am completing the wall.’ The third, again seems to be doing the same job slowly raises his eyes to the sky and says; ‘I am building a cathedral.’

I want to help build your Cathedral.

Simple as that. Your professionalism is displayed to the world by how you portray your image. As I see it, I am not just hired to help with the design for your presentation. If I do my job well, you will sell more widgets, If I create a unique presentation for you, you will possibly win another client. If I exceed your expectations, you might win that next contract. If I can make any of those things happen, I will.

Why Hire Me?

Search on Google and you will find hundreds of PowerPoint gurus and presentation design MVPs. Some are good, even great! And there are some that really suck.

But when you hire me, you are hiring a committed, business & tech saavy professional who will bring your vision and your passion for your business to the screen. I have years of applied experience in business management and marketing. I do not just take your content for the presentation and slap it onto a new slide. I research the topic, I work hard on converting it into presentation worthy information and then help build your cathedral.

Let’s Work Together

I’m excited by working on projects with organizations where I can see an immediate change in how they view themselves or how they communicate, internally or externally – To see some of the work I have done, please visit my portfolio page. In case you are looking to hire me for my services I might be the right person for your job, but then again, I may not be! Click here to see what I can and cannot do for you! Of course you can also contact me with any questions you might have.