Presentation Roundup #1

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Nancy Duarte Online at 2:00 PM Eastern

Early yesterday morning as I was getting my first cup of coffee ready, I got this email alert on my Ipod. I subscribe to Chris Brogan’s blog and that was my first email of the morning. Of course, being a big fan of Nancy Duarte and Charis Brogan, I promised myself that I would log in at 11:00 AM my time to participate in this video/Twitter discussion. But 2 hours later I completely forgot!  Anyhow, I did watch a recording later and here is Batman and Yoda! Very inspiring Duo! Continue reading “Presentation Roundup #1” »

How to tell stories in presentations

“Start with the truth. Identify the worldview of the people you need to reach. Describe the truth through their worldview. That’s your story. Negative or positive, the challenge isn’t just to tell the truth. It’s to tell truth that resonates.” Seth Godin

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They laughed when I sat down at the piano…

Amazing things happen when amazing presentations are created and shown. Startups come alive, new products are launched, babies are born (oops, wrong blog) employees get promoted, and general happiness prevails! On the other hand, if a poorly put together presentation is all you have in your arsenal to communicate your idea, present a report or seek funding for a new venture, your chances of success are greatly diminished.

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