Smiling’s my favorite!

The Power of Smiles!

Look someone in the eye that is pissed off at the world and give them a HUGE smile. Continue smiling as you watch their facial expressions change. The hard, worried, I am going to kill the next person that crosses me look is slowly fading away. The face softens a bit and you now see a neutral expression for a second. Just for a second though… Continue reading “Smiling’s my favorite!” »

The Amazing Oliver Adria

I have been designing presentations in PowerPoint for a few years now. But when I began toying with the idea of starting a website and a blog, one of the first people to influence me was Oliver Adria.

There are a lot of amazing things about this guy, his ability to connect with his readers and audience, his insane, superman like ability to be super-productive (this guy has a full time gig, 3 blogs and also makes time to travel. Where the hell does he find the time?) and his passion to excel at everything he touches. Oh, and also, he kicks ass at soccer with a record number of goals scored and yes, he also runs marathons. Ok, now I am seriously tired. Need a break. Continue reading “The Amazing Oliver Adria” »

SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template

Do you have a marketing presentation to make that requires you to display a SWOT Analysis?

SWOT Template for PowerPoint

Continue reading “SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template” »