Of Butter Chicken, the IKEA Effect and your Presentation!


Butter Chicken!

This rich, buttery, dreamy combination of chicken, tomatoes, butter, cream and spices needs no introduction. Probably the best known of all Indian dishes, it’s claim to the crown of Indian cuisine is indeed well deserved.

And I love it! 

I can go to an Indian restaurant in Los Angeles and order this dish. Or I could get it at Trader Joe’s. Either way, I would be getting a better product than I can make at home! Then, why do I sometimes attempt to make this dish myself? Why?

Could it be the “IKEA Effect”?

The IKEA effect states that most people prefer to have or use stuff that they made themselves. Even if whatever they made could have been made better by someone else! Dan Ariely, a behavioral economist (He wrote “Predictably Irrational”) led a study in which researchers found that when people make stuff or build products themselves whether it is a complex recipe, a bookshelves from IKEA or a new bear at Build-a-Bears, they come to prefer their own creations even if the quality of their workmanship leaves a bit to be desired!

Dan calls this the IKEA effect, in honor of the innovative Swedish manufacturer whose products typically are sold with some assembly required.

Can this be a good thing?

I think it can be a good thing, because you now have a chance to learn a new skill. You are able to get your hands dirty and figure out stuff on your own which can be helpful. And some people learn best when they follow that process!

On the other hand…

It can waste time and money. For me to make Butter Chicken, I would need to buy about $30.00 worth of groceries considering how expensive some of the spices can be. And invest probably 4 hours of my time which is upwards of $200.00. All that time and money when I can order Butter Chicken and get hot Naan with it to boot, for less than $12.00 per portion? Does not make sense!

How does this apply to presentations?

I am going to be blunt and ask you this: By taking the time and resources required to designing your presentations are you seeing benefits? Are you seeing enough knowledge gain, quality of design and speed in your presentation design process for it to be the way to go?

If it is working for you, great!

But if it is not working so well, is the IKEA effect causing you to lose money? Are you investing more time and money in toying with your presentation than necessary?

Here is some shocking research…

When I heard this from a presentation coach I know, it shocked me. By the way, I do not have a source for this information, so take it at face value. But it does seem very believable to me considering I know how most people operate! So here is what I heard.

You ready?

Sales people that customarily meet with prospective clients to deliver their sales message via a PowerPoint presentation spend more than 30% of their productive time tweaking their existing presentations! Can you imagine that! That is 30% productivity lost because someone was not sure if the picture of two guys shaking hands should be replaced with an image of a globe!

Now if you do well with working on your presentations yourself, my advice to you is always get a second opinion of someone else in your office! (Preferably before you are completely done with your design). Remember, two heads are better than one.

Do you wish to reclaim that lost 30% of your time?

If you think you may save some time and money farming out the design of your slides to a professional, get in touch with me! I realize that we have never worked together and you are not completely convinced I am the guy to help with curing your IKEA effect, but if you are interested in seeing how I can help you to save time and money by reducing your workload and polishing up your presentations, please let me know. Because till March 31, 2013, I am offering a special price for a total of 10 presentation makeovers. Send me your current presentation and I will do a slide makeover to two slides at no charge! And if you like what I have done, you can get your entire presentation done at $7.50 per slide! The standard rate for this service per slide is $20.00 per slide, so I am offering a huge discount of 62.5%. I know I am going to get a big response for this, so act fast if you wish to take advantage of this offer! Here are a few slides of similar work I have done in the past! This offer is not available any more because all 10 makeovers have been booked. Thank you. However, I am still taking slide makeover work at the regular charge. 

Here is how this will work:

  1. Send me a note through my contact page.
  2. I will get back with you on instructions to send me the PowerPoint file.
  3. I will then work on your two slides and email them back to you.
  4. If you are pleased with the work, and would like to finish the rest of the presentation, you hire me.
  5. Simple.

And should you insist on cooking your own Butter Chicken, you sufferer of the IKEA effect, here is a great recipe for you!

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