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7 Rules of Sticky Presentations! – Why have rules?

7 Rules of Sticky PresentationsWithout rules you are toast. 

A few years ago a Rotary group asked me to speak at their weekly event. The person that invited me had talked me up to the group and expectations were high. Rotary LogoThey were expecting me to deliver a spellbinding speech along with a fantastic PowerPoint presentation. I did everything wrong. I started by creating the slides, then I decided how to speak. And then I practiced. Once. There were no butterflies bothering me. I was going to wing it and the audience would love me. Continue reading “7 Rules of Sticky Presentations! – Why have rules?” »

How long should your presentation be?

Stickonomics tip #3







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Smart or Dumb Images? You decide!

Stickonomics tip #1







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