Presentation Roundup #1

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Nancy Duarte Online at 2:00 PM Eastern

Early yesterday morning as I was getting my first cup of coffee ready, I got this email alert on my Ipod. I subscribe to Chris Brogan’s blog and that was my first email of the morning. Of course, being a big fan of Nancy Duarte and Charis Brogan, I promised myself that I would log in at 11:00 AM my time to participate in this video/Twitter discussion. But 2 hours later I completely forgot!  Anyhow, I did watch a recording later and here is Batman and Yoda! Very inspiring Duo!

Presentation Handouts and why they leave a lasting impression!

Oliver Adria is an amazing guy! I have a lot of admiration for his work and am always impressed by the nuggets of great information he puts out on his blog. Take a look at this article that tells you how to create a hand out that looks, acts, works better than just printing your presentation for the audience. Here is the link to his original article!

Presentation Handout sample

SMOKE – The Convenient Truth

This is an amazing presentation from a very talented team of designers from Hawaii called Empowered Presentations

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