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Why is it so difficult to remember a  presentation just minutes after the speech is over?

The reason is simple. It is easy to forget the information presented if it is not very interesting. And we would much rather sit through an interesting presentation than a boring one. Imagine that your local area has had a major Tsunami and the events have been video taped for posterity. When the video gets produced, one version is named, “Environmental impact of the Tsunami- A documentary on how the Tsunami affected our environment”. The second movie, is titled, “Jason and the Tsunami – Man Vs the Sea Dragon- We thought we were just having some bad weather!” Which one would you rather see?

Almost all of us would choose the latter. Who wants to see a boring documentary when we can see this exciting movie? The information you will get from the movie will be the same as the documentary but will make it fun and interesting so that we can remember and apply that knowledge effectively.

What helps the brain remember stuff?

When we are taking in information, our brain does that best if the communication channel comes with triggers that help the brain to remember.  If I asked you to memorize the following letters “DMVC BSIR SMVPU SSR” you would have a hard time remembering it. But if I rearranged the same letters into something that you can create a memory trigger with, you would have a much easier time remembering it. So are you finding this easier to remember, “DMV CBS IRS MVP USSR”? I will bet you are. These are the same letters as before but just arranged differently. Knowing what the acronyms stand for, gave you a trigger with which you remembered the information.

What is the purpose of this website?

I am on a quest for knowledge on how to communicate better using presentations and speeches that motivate action. Too many presentations and speeches are dry and boring. My goal is to help visitors get a better understanding of how they can make their messages stickier so that the audience at their next presentation will be influenced and persuaded to take the actions that you want them to take. Be it, buy your product, fund your idea or help you to get achieve success at your job.

There are a lot of websites on the internet that give you tips and tricks on how to present better. There are some amazing people that have taught me how to get better at presenting and I will never be able to pay them back . Heck, not in a hundred years! This is my way of paying it forward. Yes, I will be seeking business and sales on this site but there will always be free content, tips and tricks that you are welcome to!

Here is what a recent subscriber had to say:


This is great information! As a sales trainer and speaker on the topic of risk and insurance, I’ll be sure to employ this “less is more” approach in the future. Having been guilty of offering more than just a hint of information while presenting with the aid of Power Point, this topic speaks to me directly.

Thanks for sharing such relevant information in a cool and creative manner!

Mike Nutter

ISU Insurance Services, ARMAC Agency

Certified One Responsible Source Sales Trainer

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