A little bit of Knew and a little bit of New! The best way to learn!

Thank you for registering for the webinar! 

The best recipe to keep training interesting and help people learn something new is add a bit of knew. What is new and knew? The new is the part that makes you curious and makes you want to know more. The knew is the part that makes you feel comfortable and secure.

Take a look at this for instance.

It is a wintery morning at the Kaziranga national park. Even on a cold day such as today, the koyals are filling the air with sweet music. You are slowly swaying from side to side atop the back of an elephant, as the giant animal slowly meanders along rushing streams in the thick of the jungle. Suddenly, panic strikes as you see a herd of wild barasingha, charging toward your elephant.

You were with me until I said ‘Koyal’ and then your brain went ‘new?’ Then in a few seconds you figured out that I was talking about a bird and then your brain ‘knew’. There was some information that you were able to imagine which was your ‘knew’. Then there was some that you had no idea how to imagine like barasingha which is the indian name for big horned swamp
deer. And that was your ‘new’.

If you are newly hired at a restaurant, their training program might work kind of like that.

You get hired at a restaurant as a host or a bus boy. First they teach you how to smile and seat tables.
Then you learn how to clean tables and
Then they take you through their version of how to provide exceptional service.
Then they introduce you to their menu.
Once you are familiar with the menu, you can become a food server.

So a little bit of the “new” at each stage to build upon the “knew”!

Since you signed up for the seminar, I can safely assume that you have some ‘Knew’ of your own when it comes to presentations. If you work on a PC, you probably already ‘knew’ that presentations are typically designed in a program called PowerPoint. If you are a mac guy or gal, you might be partial to Keynote.

You ‘knew’ that too many words on a slide encourages the audience to read which is not a good thing. You ‘knew’ that graphics that are blurry or pixellated do not look professional. You ‘knew’ that a presenter should not read his slides verbatum. You ‘knew’ that standing in between your slides and the projector beam makes it difficult for the audience to see your slide.

So what is going to be ‘new’?

  • You will learn how important it is to grab the audience’s attention right at the beginning of a presentation.
  • You will understand how having just ‘One’ main point brings focus to your presentation.
  • You will be re-introduced to the power stories have when you communicate to a group of people.
  • You will be made aware of how even seasoned presenters make the mistake of poor transitions from one thought to the next.
  • You will be surprised by how engaging the audience improves their retention of your message.
  • We will talk about how to create suspense in your message so that the audience does not lose you or you them!
  • You will be shown how a strong finish can lead to greater conversions at the end of the presentation.

If it was all ‘knew’, then you would be really bored and want to leave. If it was all ‘new’ you would feel overwhelmed and want to leave. So I plan on mixing a bit of the ‘knew’ with some of the ‘new’ to keep your attention during the presentation and help you learn how to make your own presentation stickier!

As we get closer to the event, I will send you some more information to give you a bit more of the ‘knew’ which will help you with the ‘new’ that you will learn at the event!

Talk to you soon!