Notice how things work when you build a new house.

First you have an architect draw up the plans. Then, you get the plans approved from your city’s planning department. Then you hire a building contractor to build your house. Once the house is built, you get the City to approve the work. Then, you move in.

Well, it kind of works the same way when you are building a presentation.

First you find out who your audience is. Then you decide on a topic. Then you find out how long and where you will be speaking. Then you outline and plan your presentation. Then you write your speech. Then you design your presentation with PowerPoint or Keynote. And finally you practice the heck out of it. Then, you present.


Proper sequencing of the process is very important in building a great presentation. If you start with designing the slides in PowerPoint and then try to figure out what your main point is, you will not only take a lot longer to put the presentation together, but you will also get a garbled and unclear message!

I would love to help you build your presentation. I have categorized my services into the three main areas of content creation, presentation design and delivery coaching. Click on the links below to find out more about how we can work together and how I can help you to prepare for your next presentation. You KNOW you are on the way up if you are presenting!

I offer a free, 30 minute consultation to discuss your presentation project and assist you with professional tips and advice. We can do the consultation over the phone or Skype, or we can arrange a face-to-face meeting if you are in the local area.  Click here if you wish to set up a consultation meeting or just pick up the phone and call me! (760) 383-1010.

I feel like my business has gained a NEW LIFE! Sam had a different way of looking at my business and was able to put together a structured presentation very quickly. I would recommend Sam Thatte to anyone that is looking to get a professional presentation. He knows how to keep people energized during the presentation and provides great training and coaching after the presentation slides are prepared.
Dick Freeborg, Fastsigns