“So you need a Typeface” poster in a clickable SlideRocket Presentation!

If you love well designed flowcharts, and I do, you will love this “So you need a Typeface” chart that was created by designer, Julian Hansen. I first saw it on Lifehacker and then subsequently on a few other blogs. Scroll down to see my  SlideRocket presentation that I created based on this chart.

So you need a Typeface

"So you need a Typeface" poster created by Julian Hansen

It works for Typography snobs as well as non-designers looking for an appropriate font!

Julian’s light-hearted yet accurate choices of fonts for different types of projects is a fun journey through the world of fonts and how different types of projects need to have different fonts to make it work.

Do people call you boring from time to time?

If you say yes, you will be led to Times Roman.

Love OCR?

You must have cried while watching Terminator!

The English translations leave you a bit confused at times but you do get a chuckle or learn something from it. In the interest of keeping the presentation as true as possible to the original, and allow Julian’s humor to come through,  I have not made any corrections or changes to the original copy from the flowchart.

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