SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template

Do you have a marketing presentation to make that requires you to display a SWOT Analysis?

SWOT Template for PowerPoint

A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) is a tool used to provide a general or detailed snapshot of a company’s health. Think of your SWOT as a tune-up that every business needs periodically to diagnose and fix what’s a bit worn, what’s on the verge of breaking down, or what’s already broken and needs replacement–so that you can keep the business humming—even better than it has in the past.

I created this SWOT PowerPoint to help you to display your analysis with style! Make sure you change colors and match it up with the colors from your presentation.

Here is a YouTube video that shows you how it looks in slideshow mode.
This free template download has some cool blue colors married to a very dark tan. But like I said before, feel free to make it yours and blend it in with your presentation.

Keep in mind, that if you only have PowerPoint 2003, the push transitions will not work. However to get the full effect of this template, along with some cool push transitions, get the PowerPoint 2010 file!

To receive this file in PowerPoint 2003 and PowerPoint 2010 versions, click the download link below. And make sure you sign up to get FREE updates and you will continue to get more goodies as I produce them.

SWOT Template PowerPoint 2010

SWOT Template PowerPoint 2003

Wishing you great success with your presentation.


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