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I am starting a new series of video blog posts on this website! I am calling this the Stickonomics system of presenting. And yes, after a hiatus of many months, I have come back, to work on my presentation consulting business full time! I plan on regularly posting blog posts, presentations and video material on the blog along with interesting things I see and case studies that might interest my audience.

So what is 



Stickonomics is sticky presentation tips that improve your economics! Consuming and acting on these tips may make you a better presenter!  Because as we all know, speaking and presenting well in front of people magically opens doors and provides us with new opportunities that we had never had before!

This is how I plan to post on this blog. I will have at least one text post every week. Usually on Wednesday or Thursday. You can expect to see two episodes of Stickonomics as well. One on Tuesday and one on Friday! Here is a thumbnail image of the video that will be released tomorrow! (This Friday)

How does one name a company? 

American Multi Cinema is a company that pioneered the movie multiplexes that you see all over the world. They might be better known to you as AMC Theaters.

Did you know how they came up with the name “Bridgestone Tires”? The founder of this Japanese company was Shojiro Ishibashi. Guess what Ishibashi means in English! Yeah, it translates to Bridgestone!

Originally part of the Echo Bay Technology group, this company, rose to fame and fortune as due to the unavailability of the domain name “” was already taken by a mining company based in Echo Bay, Nevada.

You might have heard of this British multinational company that owns and operates networks in over 30 countries and owns almost half of Verizon Wireless! Talk about a simple yet highly effective way to come up with a name! They came up with the name “Vodafone” from voice data fone, chosen by the company to “reflect the provision of voice and data services over mobile phones”.

So, whether it’s a clever moniker, a personal tribute, or simply picked out of hat, business’ names frame your business’s identity. So now let’s take a look at how I came up with my new brand!

How the heck did you come up with Stickonomics? 

As we saw in the examples above, the significance of choosing a name can sometimes be a tricky undertaking. In coming up with this name, “Stickonomics” I spent some time looking around and studying what makes for good names.

If you have heard of, or read the book, “Made to Stick”, it refers to “stickiness” as our ability to remember things or ideas. The book’s tag line is, “Why some ideas stick and others don’t.” That is where the notion of Stickonomics began. Then as I played with words some more, I thought that adding how it can grow your “economics” would be a good way to come up with a memorable name. is a website that offers advice and services on naming new businesses and products. They have what they call a Smile test. Here is how it works. If you run your name through their smile test, it should make you smile!

SMILE if your name has these 5 winning qualities!

Simple – a simple yet smart concept.
Meaningful – your customers “get it”.
Imagery – visually evocative to aid in memory.
Legs – lends itself to a theme and wordplay.
Emotional – makes an emotional connection.

I think Stickonomics made it through the smile test. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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