Why I love chips and salsa! AKA Awaken Senses with your PowerPoint slides!

I was sitting at the bar at La Casita, a favorite mexican restaurant in Victorville CA. Thinking hard about the day and how it progressed from waking up in the morning, to sitting on this bar stool at 7PM waiting for a friend to join me. I watch as the small gold bubbles in my frosty mug travel from the bottom of the glass to the rim where they explode into foam. One after the other, doing what bubbles do. On task, on time. I take another big gulp and set my mug down on the coaster.

It had been an eventful day.

Lots of reflections on what went well and a few on things that I could have handled better. I do this almost daily, (Stop it! I am not talking about sitting on a bar stool drinking beer, waiting for a friend, I am talking about a daily review on how my day was spent.) it helps me summarize how my day went and how I can make it better tomorrow.

Here comes the chips and salsa!

A pretty young food server, dressed in black, walks up with a bowl of chips and one of salsa. The white bowl of chips is overflowing with chips that are an earthy shade of red, yellow and brown. The hot salsa is a sexy color, like a lady in a red dress! Nestled in the salsa is a fresh sprig of cilantro. It looks very fresh! I can even see small water droplets on the leaves. What an amazingly delightful combo of colors, I say to myself. Looks like my buddy Devin is running behind. More for me, I say to myself. Methodically, I start to work my way through this very enjoyable snack, cooling myself down every few minutes with a swig off my cold brew.

All thoughts and reflections on my performance today have been put on hold.

I am too busy, absolutely enjoying this, all 5 of my senses are engaged. The mouth watering anticipation of what is to come envelopes me as I SEE the chip dive into the salsa. As the chip travels closer to my mouth, the nose says yeah! to the AROMA of fresh garlic and oregano. Then I HEAR the crunch! as I bite down and savor the complex flavors, each different TASTE is slowly sending signals to my brain. I am garlic! Hello this is cumin, How are you?  I am a hot serrano! You like it hot? See buddy, I am a roma tomato grown here in California. Jou like how I look in a sombrero, Amigo?

An amazing presentation will also awaken all of your senses!


The proper use of the following elements in your presentation will surely make the experience holycowpunchinfacecantfricking​believeit enjoyable!

Out of the blue!

Color invokes immediate reactions in our minds. A bright yellow makes us happy, a cool blue calm, but a purple can look royal and rich, especially when combined with yellow or gold. I love reds and blacks. Red brings up strong emotions, even to the point of raising your blood pressure or heart rate. Black makes you think of power, sophistication, mystery, style. What does that say about me? Let me know in the comments below.
More about color and fashion at this page.

You look like the right type!

Fonts have always been very important in conveying meaning, as I wrote in this post. Watch below as Andrew Byrom gives this amazing presentation on “If h is a chair”.

Watch till the end. You will forget that this is on your computer screen, and you will start clapping!

Picture this!

Using powerful images throughout your presentation is one of the best ways to invoke emotion in your audience. A lot of people retain information when presented visually and do best when they can see what you’re talking about.  As I have said before, this is an effective way of gaining their full attention. Below is an example of how you can make the imagery more powerful like I did in a recent slide makeover.

Here is the before.

And here is the after!

I rest my case.

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